Delta Prevention Team

Leadership Staff

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Lead Facilitators

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Board of Directors


Angela Da Re, CCPS, ICPS  President/CEO

Angela has over 20 years of experience in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention. As a Certified Prevention Specialist, she oversees all prevention programs and strategies, which encompass all of the domains of prevention.  As a Strengthening Families program facilitator ,  Angela has had the pleasure of implementing the program for over 10 years including a  faith-based component to the local region. As a Master Trainer for SFP for over 5 years, she has had the opportunity to train countless facilitators in implementing the curriculum. Additionally, she has been trained as both a facilitator and trainer in multiple evidence-based programs.  She is expert in community and collaborative prevention strategies.


Bruno Da Re Operations Manager/Master Trainer

Bruno began working in prevention by facilitating Strengthening Families classes as a volunteer 8 years ago. His compassion for struggling parents and families quickly made him a favorite amongst the families he served. His investment of time and passion for strong, resilient people is what prompted him to become a Master Trainer. As a Master Trainer he is called on to train facilitators in large and small organizations, always with an eye to draw skills and talents out of those he teaches.   


Corrine Cardoza

Corrine has been an SFP facilitator for the last 6 years and has worked with children and families for over 35 years.  Corrine draws from her experience in raising her own three children and now grandparenting. As a lead facilitator, Corrine is expert not only at working with the families but also at drawing out the unique skills of the interns who work alongside the facilitators.


Lali Martinez

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Norma Tapia

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Lucio Da Re Intern/Children's Group Facilitator

Lucio has been serving families for as long as he can remember. As a child he attended Strengthening Families classes and as he got older, he took on greater levels of responsibility in the classroom. For three years he has worked with the preschool teachers, providing classroom and curriculum support. His experience and willingness to learn has allowed him to become a facilitator for the 3-6 children's group.    


Erika Green

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Patty Lew

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Germaine Fountain

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Rissa Scott

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