As a team we have served hundreds of parents, caregivers, children and teens by working with them to strengthen their skills and helping them work together to build strong, resilient families.

Our Mission

Empowering Families.

At Delta Prevention we know that the real strength of a child's life lies in the family. Our families are what guide us, mold us and sustain us throughout our lives. But families can face many challenges; pressure, stress, communication, school problems, behavioral problems. All parents and kids sometimes need support to help navigate life's stressors. Because we know that love is the heart of the family, we help strengthen the core by increasing the skills of families to both prevent problems as well as to navigate their way through them together

A happy family is but an earlier heaven
— George Bernard Shaw

Strengthening Families

Families long for peace and love in their homes. The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a 12-week skills training course that parents and youth attend together that offers that -- and more.  SFP teaches parenting skills, youth life skills, and family relationship skills in a 2-hour class that families attend together.  SFP was originally developed in 1982 under a grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse by Dr. Karol Kumpfer.  The grant assignment was to research and prove which parenting skills were necessary to keep youth from falling into addiction.


SFP has been tested in 12 Randomized Control Trials – four with independent researchers – and found that only a family-centered approach produced long-term positive outcomes.  When parents and kids attend the classes together and practice the skills, SFP has been proven to reduce teen alcohol and drug use, delinquency and depression – all major risk-factors for school failure and teen suicide -- and create stronger, more loving families, which improves children’s mental health, personal resilience, and school performance. 


SFP is not specifically a drug and alcohol prevention program – it is a family relationship skills class for all types of families – not just those in trouble.  Lessons teach skills that help create family Bonding, like looking for and complimenting the good in each other, positive communication; Boundaries, like setting up family routines and clear family rules against alcohol, tobacco, and drug use; and Monitoring children’s and teen’s activities, to see that they always stay in an alcohol and drug-free social environment.  In addition, families learn skills like problem solving, and teaching and praising the behaviors they want – an effective form of positive discipline.  SFP is recommended for all types of families.