Congratulations Graduates!

On May 15th, cheered on by a dozen facilitators and volunteers, almost 75 Parents and their children graduated the Strengthening Families Program (SFP!)

A little about SFP...Strengthening Families emphasizes the parenting skills of Bonding, setting Boundaries, and Monitoring, and is designed for all parents who want to improve family relationships and develop family prevention strategies to keep their kids safe from alcohol and drug use as well as many other behavioral health decisions kids make BEFORE THEY MAKE THEM! Families who attend Strengthening Families have increased family strengths and resilience and reduced risk factors for problem behaviors including behavioral problems, emotional, academic and social problems. SFP builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, youth's social and life skills.

Delta Prevention would like to thank our donors for believing in both the power of family as well as the power of prevention! We also thank our friend, and partner, Twin Rivers School District who believes in the wellbeing of the families they serve! And finally, thank you to the INCREDIBLE volunteers who poured out from your hearts and with that, changed lives. You are amazing!

If you are a family who would like to join our next class or you would just like more information, please contact us on the sign-up page!