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Bruno and Angela Da Re




Founded in 2018 by Bruno and Angela Da Re, Delta Prevention began when the agency they were working with suddenly closed their doors. Having served hundreds of families in the Sacramento region for over 10 years, and with immediate plans in place to start family classes, the time had come to begin Delta Prevention. The goal is to focus primarily on the unique needs of families. Along with a dedicated group of staff, volunteers and supporters, Delta prevention was formed. 

Why Delta?

The 4th letter of the Greek alphabet, the Delta is written as a triangle symbol, a symbol for change. The 3 sides represent the 3 “pillars” of our work: Learning, Educating and Supporting.  

The 3 Pillars

To prevent youth substance abuse in communities by:

Educating – Strengthening the skills of families to raise kids free of the problems associated with substance abuse.

Learning - Continuously learning and teaching effective prevention to communities.

Supporting- Surveying the surrounding environment to assess and address the threats to prevention.

While the work we do alongside families has a variety of healthy long-term outcomes for kids and teens, our primary focus is on helping families raise drug free kids. That is our ultimate goal and mission.