New Strengthening Christian Families Program

The former NCADD, Sacramento, developed and tested a new Strengthening Christian Families Program (SCFP) with five different faith communities. Since their closing, we have been able to continue to utilize this program with communities in the Christian faith. The program seeks to support families of faith in keeping their kids safe from risk, developing strong family and congregational ties, and learning how to integrate Christian principles into daily decision making. The program begins with a family dinner, and continues with courses designed for parents, children, and teens. Delta Prevention is now distributing the training workshops and manuals.  See video with pastors of different churches talking about their experience with SCFP. 

This is what what one mother had to say: "As a single mom, SFP provided me with a strong loving community of families that were seeking help in their parenting just like me. Their sessions helped improve my relationship with my 6 year old. The program gave me weekly reminders on how to better handle every area of parenthood. I felt very encouraged as a single mother when taking the 14 week course. I have taken the program twice because I have practiced their techniques and they have worked. This is one parenting class you and your family want to take!" 
~ Esmeralda, (SCFP) Graduate

For more information about the Strengthening Christian Families program, please contact us.